Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road Songs

Recently I was riding in a car with a friend, whose name is being withheld to protect him from ridicule, and I couldn't help taking notice of the cd that was playing.  The first two songs were by Madonna and Neil Diamond.  Not that there's anything wrong with some "Material Girl" or a little "Cherry, Cherry" on occasion.  But, for driving music?  C'mon Bob (not his real name) - that is NOT road music!
So as a public service, here are some essential songs for your next road trip.  Hopefully this list will inspire someone...anyone...to put aside their ipod, mp3 player, XM or Sirius satellite radio for even just one day.
And if you do actually burn these songs to cd, I recommend you find a Sharpie and write on the label: "Best Road Songs Ever," because that's what they are.

RADAR LOVE  - Golden Earring  ("I've been drivin' all night, my hands are wet on the wheel")

ROADHOUSE BLUES - The Doors ("Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel")

LOW RIDER - War ("Take a little trip, take a little trip...with me")

HIGHWAY PATROL - Junior Brown ("If I write you out a ticket, then you'd better drive slow")

JULY, YOU'RE A WOMAN - John Stewart ("I can't keep my eyes on the white line out before me")

HIGHWAY 61 - Bob Dylan ("Tell me quick man I got to run - that way down Highway 61")

AGAINST THE WIND - Bob Seeger ("I'm older now but still runnin' against the wind")

HIGHWAY STAR - Deep Purple ("All right hold tight, I'm a highway star")

GUITAR TOWN - Steve Earle ("I love to hear the steel belts hummin' on the asphalt")

I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE - Johnny Cash ("Listen bud, I've traveled every road in this here land")

SAVING GRACE - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ("Running for another place to find that saving grace")

GUITARS, CADILLACS - Dwight Yoakam ("Now it's guitars, cadillacs, hillbilly music")

FLIRTIN' WITH DISASTER -Molly Hatchet ("I got the pedal to the floor, our lives are runnin' faster")

RUNNING ON EMPTY - Jackson Browne ("Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels")

Feel free to add your own to the list.  But, don't even think about replacing any.  These are not negotiable.


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