Monday, August 15, 2011

Road to Sturgis - What I Saw

Well, the 2011 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is history. I haven't seen the official counts yet but I'm certain the numbers are down from previous years. There just wasn't the same buzz this least not for me. But it was fun hitting some familiar and favorite places -

And, as a dedicated observer of human nature , I am never disappointed by the variety of sights to be seen during this time of year -

Their own private celebration...of something.

Love...rally style.

More "shiny happy people." 

I did notice more custom and classic style motorcycles this year -

The body paint seemed a little more artistic -

And some of the vendors went from trying to be overly creative to just getting right to the point -

Now, one final comment about Harley Davidson riders.  They just can't stand to be passed by someone on another brand of motorcycle! Don't get me wrong.  I have some good friends and relatives who ride Harleys, so this isn't a criticism or complaint, just a fact that even they will have to admit is true.  Several times this past week it happened to me, including once when I decided to have some fun with it and maybe offer a lesson in humility (although the point was probably lost on this guy).  It happened on my way to Deadwood.  I ride a Valkyrie F6  and blew by a Harley as we started up the hill leading to town.  It didn't take very long for Mr. Harley Davidson to catch up and pass me, and as he did I increased my speed to stay on his tail all the way to the final curve before the city limits.  Here's where I had an advantage, because being local I knew that right around the corner the speed limit dropped to 45, and I also knew there was often a city police officer sitting right there ready to nab anyone who dared break the law in their town.  So right at the corner I backed off, Harley rider kept going, and sure enough  BOOM there was a copper right there waiting - and he lit that Ultra Classic up immediately.  I didn't wave, gesture, or even smile. I just rode on by doing 45 in the left lane.  After thinking about it, I feel kind of bad about setting the guy up like that.  But I just couldn't resist the easy target.  We all know that the universe...karma...fate...or whatever other great equalizer might be out there...will see to it that I don't get way with it completely.  Payback is coming.  Not sure when or where, but I am pretty sure it will happen.  Hope I'm ready for it and that "they" will go easy on me.


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