Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Festival Road

It was hot on Sunday.  It's hot every year during the Spearfish Festival In The Park. You can count on it, just like you can count on giant turkey legs, pork chops on sticks, waffle cones, giant corn dogs, peace sign lawn ornaments and lots of tie dye.  Oh, and the beer garden.  Can't forget about the beer garden.
We always enter the park the same way, walking in from 3rd Street to avoid the major traffic.  This route also takes us along the creek immediately as we enter the park, so our first experience is seeing the children playing in the shallow water just above the falls.  Who doesn't remember playing in a creek as a child?

We browsed all of the familiar places.  It was fun looking at the variety of dried flowers, etched mirrors, walking sticks, framed watercolors, oil paintings and photography.  It was also fun looking at the variety of people.  There were the usual suspects...Mr. and Mrs. Retiree moving slowly along the path. Young moms with their young children in strollers being pushed by young dads.  Old hippies.  And just about everything in between.
My favorite stone seller was there again, with all of her familiar stones and crystals. She also had a rather nice selection of magic wands this year.  But, none of them chose me so I had to leave empty handed once again.

I noticed an abundance of tie-dye items this year.   There were the skirts, t-shirts and bandanas that you would expect to some other, well, more "personal" items.

Actually, tie-dye underwear for 8 bucks is not a bad deal.

Birdhouses were a common theme.  You know, as you get a little older, you buy things you never would have even considered when you were younger.  The thought of buying a decorated bird house has never even entered my mind...until this year. And we got a nice one.  Roomy, easy entry, real cedar trim, great location.  And the rent is reasonable - only a song, and no deposit required.

And now the award for the Best Booth of 2011.  It goes to..."girl ran away with the spoon."  Hand made silverware jewelry and accessories.  Very cool rings, ear rings, necklaces and bracelets made out of old spoons, forks and knives.  Great idea! The artist is Erin Thormodsgard from Miles City, Montana.  Check out the website at  

Final case you are wondering...the photos are inspired by an article I came across at the Boston Globe online (, and created with a software program called Poladroid.

by the way - I'm sure the only time many people visit the Spearfish City Park is during the festival each year.  But, it really is an awesome place to just hang out any time.  So don't be a stranger.  See you there!