Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Short Note On The Road Ahead

Well, we're all still here.  Most of us anyway.  No giant comet.  No massive solar flares.  No huge UFOs hovering over major population centers.  Whew!  If our luck holds out maybe the groundhog won't see his shadow on February 2nd.  I did hear of some end timers planning to jump off a mountain in Argentina, but I suspect maybe even they had second thoughts when the time came. 
I'm not suggesting that all is right with the world.  It certainly is not.  Actually,  things seem to be getting worse.  And I'm not making light of the fact that we need a change.  We certainly do. So, rather than being the end, let's all hope this is a beginning.  A beginning of a major shift in consciousness and awareness.  A beginning of a time when people will realize that we just can't go on like this, and decide to do something about it.  It has to start with each one of us individually.  Even if it's just small random acts of kindness.  We are hearing about more and more of these all the time.  Let's hope it's a trend.  Which may become a movement.  Which may become a way of life.  Wouldn't it be great if millions of people suddenly realized that we should be more tolerant, more forgiving and just stop hurting each other?  I really do believe that leading by example makes a difference.  If someone sees an act of kindness, or hears a positive message or words of encouragement, or notices people helping each other in any way - the observer can't help but be affected by it in a good way.  So let's all try to not only be a light, but also a flame.  A flame that sparks something in people so that they will be inspired and in turn want to inspire others,  Not toward their own beliefs or values, but simply toward the greater good and benefit of everyone everywhere. 

Perhaps the Hopi are right when they say "We are the ones we've been waiting for."