Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolution Road

Time to make those resolutions for the new year.  But, what if this time we go beyond the typical vows to lose weight or quit smoking or any of the other usual promises we make but don't really intend to keep?  Not that those aren't noble goals for many people.  They are.  But what say we dig a little deeper this year?  Let's get out of our comfort zone, shift the paradigm, even let down our guard and open up a little more.  Even at the risk of raising a few eyebrows.  Be specific or be general.  Or, like me, be both specific and general.  Just make sure to write them down.  It's always better to write things down.  I'll go first.

1.   Spend more time with people older than me because I can learn from their experiences, and maybe catch a glimpse of what's to come.
2.   Spend more time with people younger than me because...well..because they're just more fun to be  around. 
3.   Put one of my photographs up in Art Alley.
4.   Go somewhere I haven't been.
5.   Offer to help if the opportunity presents itself, even if there's a chance my offer will be refused.  
6.   Trust my intuition.  Always.
7.   Be thankful everyday, and express my thanks out loud. 
8.   Make another hike to the Poet's Table.  This time with a friend who's never been there.
9.   Sleep outside...more than once. 
10. Solve a mystery.

There are a few more, but they are of little or no interest to anyone other than myself so I will spare you the details.  That's not to say that anyone will have any particular interest in my list above either.  I offer it only as encouragement.  Statistics say that 44% of Americans make New Year's resolutions.  Less than half of those keep them.  Be the 20%.  Make some plans.  Write them down.  Hold yourself accountable.  Then just go ahead and do it!



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