Thursday, July 11, 2013

Class Act

Everyone says their class is the best.  But they're wrong.  Because after attending my high school class reunion recently I am thoroughly convinced there is one group of high school classmates that outshines them all - the Belle Fourche High School Class of 1973.  You would expect me to say that because I am a member of that class, but it's true.  Here is the evidence to back it up -

  1. After 40 years we still had nearly 50 class members show up. That's a big number.
  2. Some traveled a great distance.  Georgia, Arizona, Washington and California for example.
  3. Everyone, and I mean everyone, seemed happy.  No complaints. No arguments. No discouraging words.
  4. I didn't observe any of those little cliques pop up.  You know, where a few people get together in a group and remain aloof from the rest.  But then, I don't remember much of that back when we were in school either.
  5. Everyone laughed at my jokes. Well, almost everyone.
I rest my case.  And, as a public service for those of you who weren't around in 1973, here's a short history lesson featuring photos and icons from that era to sort of put things in perspective.

We dressed like...

Neil Diamond

and Mary Tyler Moore

We drove cars like...


and Gremlins

Yes.  There actually was a car called a Gremlin.  (Girl in jumpsuit was optional).

We listened to...

The Doors

and Simon and Garfunkel

And I couldn't leave out this one...

"rub it in, rub it in"

We watched...

Sanford and Son

and Looney Tunes

There were also earth shoes, bell bottom pants and leisure suits.  Bicycles with banana seats, Hai Karate after shave and Twister.  And on a personal note - there was the cornflake bowl, creature features and a '63 Chevy.  Good times. Good times.

A friend and classmate perhaps said it best, "Everyone was so nice.  And kind.  And seemed genuinely interested in each other."  Truer words were never spoken.  So here's to us!  Now say it along with me We're the best as you can see! We're the class of 73!  We're the best as you can see! We're the class of 73!  Has a nice ring to it don't you think?



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