Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Days Are Just Packed

When someone asks you, "What have you been up to lately?" The standard reply is usually, "Oh, not much."  Maybe that's true sometimes.  But sometimes it isn't.  Last night while waiting for shooting stars to light up the sky I began thinking about what I've been up to lately, and came to the conclusion that these past few days have been packed.  Almost as much as a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.
Yes, sometimes doing nothing is doing something.  And on these most recent days I've been doing something, starting with a motorcycle ride in the rain.  It was Friday night on the way to see Robby Krieger of the Doors play at The Buffalo Chip Campground near Sturgis.  For those of you who aren't familiar with him, let me refresh your memory.   I'm sure you have heard the song Light My Fire. Well, you know the 2 1/2 minute guitar solo in the middle of the song?  That's Robbie Krieger.  He also wrote the lyrics.  And on the song Roadhouse Blues when Jim Morrision said, "Do it Robbie! Do it!"  He was talking to Robbie Krieger.  Still might not mean that much to you.  But it does to me.  That's why I wasn't going to let a few storm clouds and the threat of a thunderstorm stop me from riding over to see him in concert that night.  Yeah, I could've driven the car.  But that would have taken away from the whole experience.  If I was going to go to the Chip to see the last remaining member of the Doors, I was going to ride not drive.  About 5 miles out the rain started.  Lightly at first, then it started to really come down. Hard.  I was wearing a rain suit and I've ridden in the rain before so no big deal. But this time I noticed something.  Perhaps my senses were heightened or I was more aware of the moment (I've been working on that lately).  But, whatever the reason, I realized that I could taste the rain.  I'm sure everyone, especially when they were kids, turned their face up to catch some raindrops on their tongue.  I did it. But I don't remember ever noticing that the rain actually had a taste.  After all, it's just water.  But during this ride on this night there was a very distinct taste.  I can't describe it exactly, maybe sweet is the word.  Or syrupy.  Or it could be that it just tasted like...summer.
The rain ended by the time I arrived, and the show went on as planned.  It was good.  But I had to turn away during a couple of songs and just listen without looking at him.  I did that because he was wearing khaki pants, some kind of a Hawaiian-looking shirt and boat shoes.  I don't know what I expected him to be wearing.  Leather pants? Aviator sunglasses like he wore back in the day?
But boat shoes?  Come on.  Robbie Krieger don't wear no boat shoes!  Although, he is pretty old now.  And I guess he's earned the right to wear whatever the hell he wants to.  So I got over it.
Had to work Saturday, and laid low Saturday night.  Enjoyed sitting in the back yard on a cool summer evening. At some point after my wife went inside I fell asleep right there under the stars.  It was only for a short time but I felt refreshed when I woke up.  It was sort of like a mini camp-out.
Sunday I traded my motorcycle for my bicycle and went for what turned out to be a challenging ride on the Old Baldy Trail in the Black Hills.  It's been 15 years at least since I last rode that trail and my skills and fitness level were much better then than now.  I made it, but it was a tough one for me this time.  Well worth the effort, though, because of scenery like this...

I need to get out on these mountain trials more often. I'll never be as good as I was, but I can definitely be better than I am right now.
The next day was Monday, August 12th.  The day the Perseid meteor shower was supposed to peak.  We went outside again that night and looked up.  It was only a short wait for the first one.  Then another. And another!  It was pretty cool.  More than once we each let out an "ohhhhhh!" and an "ahhhhh!"  Plus a few of those gasping sounds you make when you excitedly suck in a bunch of air.  I can make that sound but I can't spell it.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, having made it yourself on several occasions no doubt.  Maybe when you saw a meteor streak by in the night sky. 
So that's it.  A brief history of the past four days in my life.  Not that you should care all that much.  But, I do believe it's good to review life's events every few days.  Even write them down sometimes. That way you might remember them longer.  They could be important things to have later in life.  Memories I mean.



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