Friday, February 22, 2013

(Not) Just Another Day

I had a plan for my day off.  To go to the Dahl Arts Center to view a photo exhibit of a friend.  A friend that I've never actually met, but somehow that doesn't seem to matter.  Sometimes you just know who your friends are, right?  And as my plans often go, one thing led to another and I ended up doing several unplanned things that combined to make it a good day.  Seems like I've been having a lot of good days lately, and whatever the reason, I'm thankful for that.  Maybe I'm finally realizing after all these years that every day can be a good day.  It's pretty much up to each of us to make it that way.
As I walked in I thought I was entering the Dahl but found myself somewhere else instead -
The photographs were beautiful and inspiring.  And I liked it that beside each photo was a quote from the writings of A.A. Milne.  You know him because of Winnie the Pooh.  There was so much more to his work than just a chubby little bear walking around in the woods trying to look like a little black rain cloud.  The wisdom of the Pooh is legendary, but he also wrote other stories, books and poetry.  After seeing some of the quotes you may want to go and take another (or first) look at his work.
Two photos that stood out for me were Dakota Midnight and In Tune.  You can see those and others at but I suggest you go to the Dahl by the end of the month to see them in person.

Next was a stroll through Art Alley.  I hope they find a solution to revitalizing and improving this place.  Too much graffiti now and too little art.  Someone said to me, "...but graffiti is art."  I responded, "Not always."  And especially not when it covers true art.  I always enjoy going there, and usually find some hidden gem that is new or that I haven't noticed before.  When you go - don't forget to look up.

Right around the corner is one of my favorite places to browse.  Bag Ladies Antique Mall.  It's like a time machine in there.  And Claudette is awesome.  She has a turntable behind her desk and keeps a stash of great records under the counter.  Kind of like an old saloon where they kept the "good stuff" under the bar and only brought it out for 'certain people'.   For some reason I was 'certain people' on this day and was treated to a couple of songs from the album The Nightfly by Donald Fagan.  If you've ever heard Steely Dan you've heard Donald Fagan. He was one of the founders of the group and the band's influence is very obvious on this solo album of his.  I was attracted to the album first because of the cover...a picture of him in a radio station studio with a turntable, classic desktop microphone, clipboard and large faced clock on a wall made up of acoustic panels, and a pack of Chesterfields next to a full ashtray.  Exactly how I remember it from my old days in radio, except that for me it was Parliament Light 100s with the recessed filter instead of Chesterfields.  But it was the music that really got to me.  Claudette's copy wasn't for sale (good for her) so I did the only other thing I could.  As soon as I got home I looked to see if there was a copy on Ebay.  Of course there was, so I 'bought it now' and it's on the way. 
So, not a particular exciting day, or one filled with great adventures.  But still a pretty good day.  And that's enough for a cold day in February.  I'll take it.