Friday, March 15, 2013

On The Boulevard - Some Observations

I like traveling to a big city.  It presents an opportunity for interactions and observations outside my normal experience,  and sometimes outside of my comfort zone.  And, as a dedicated and enthusiastic observer of the human condition, a recent trip to Las Vegas presented a good opportunity for people watching.  Here are a few observations, suggestions, and universal truths gathered from 5 days in a city that never sleeps. Wait. That's New York.  But as far as I can tell there's not a lot of sleeping going on in Vegas either.

1. Regardless of what someone may have seen in a magazine or on Miami Heat 25 years ago, the sweater tied around the neck is not a good look in Vegas.  Especially on the Strip in Vegas. 

2. I wanted to stop you but decided it was none of my business if you choose to give your credit card number to some guy on the street carrying a clipboard and wearing a crooked name tag that looked like it was printed at Office Depot earlier that same day.  Oh, and good luck with that Grand Canyon adventure you just signed up for.  I'm sure Big Mike's Helicopter Tours is legit. 

3. Young women and "woo" girls on their way to the clubs never wear jackets or sweaters.  No matter that it might be 40 degrees and windy, there's just no way they're going to cover that dress. Even though that dress does very little to cover them. 
A side note to this one -There are elevators next to each escalator.  So, ladies, if you're wearing a dress that contains approximately the same amount of material as an eye patch, use the elevator.  I would like to think you would prefer the term "desert moon" to be about the one in the sky.

4. Talk to strangers.  You will meet some very interesting people.  But don't talk to strangers who approach you on the street or near a kiosk in the lobby of a casino, especially if they ask for money or want to know how long you are going to be in town.

5. When eating in a restaraunt that has a chef rather than a cook, order dessert after your meal.  Trust me.  Order dessert.

6. If you buy a bottle of "watta for a dolla" don't drink it if you go to twist the cap off and it's already loose.

7. Don't give money to anyone asking for a handout if they are smoking a cigarette, talking on a cell phone, wearing a new A & F hoody and Nike sneakers. There are some people who could use and would appreciate a little help, but not these clowns.

8. Those people who dress up like TV characters or super heroes for photos must do okay because they're out there every day.  Except for Sponge Bob. There one day. Gone the next.  I think Homer Simpson took his place.  Not sure he was doing any better.

9. We used to see Elvis all over up and down the Strip.  Not this time.  Might have seen him once this trip, but I can't even be sure of that.  Apparently Elvis has left the building.

And finally - The architecture is amazing. Stop and look.  Closely and carefully. And in ways or places you wouldn't normally notice.  There's beauty and symmetry everywhere, including your own town.  You just have to look with the right kind of eyes.