Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Best Seller?

I have an idea for a book. It's sort of a biography.  But not about me.  It would be about you.  A collection of stories from everyday people about their work, adventures or interesting experiences. Maybe a theme would develop if the stories are similar in mood or subject, or it could contain a wide variety of unrelated events in the lives of unrelated people.  We could call it "Extraordinary Tales From Ordinary People."

Okay, we can work on the title.  But, here's why I think this just might be a good idea.  I was in the Books-A-Million store the other day looking for a good read.  I was in the non-fiction/biography section and began to notice the large number of books about seemingly uninteresting subjects written by unknown authors.  Uninteresting and unknown to me anyway.  There were also quite a few titles written by or about famous people who are famous for no reason I can think of.  The phrase "famous for being famous" comes to mind. Kendra Wilkenson, for example.  Former Playboy Playmate and reality TV star.  That's pretty much it.  But she has at least two books in print. Not bad.  Another one I noticed was by a guy named Jacob Tomsky. The book is called "Heads in Beds," and is about his experiences in the hotel and hospitality business.  Really?  That's a book? Sounds kind of dumb. I must admit, though, the title did catch my attention.  And the sub-title reeled me in further - "A Reckless Memoir."   I'm sure he has some good stories to tell, but doesn't everybody? 
The stories in our book don't have to be about wild times or outlandish behavior.  They could be about memorable events that changed a life forever.  Maybe yours.  They could be about things that are funny enough to give anyone a good laugh.  They could be about things that are embarrassing, enlightening, frightening, mystical, magical or just plain weird.  Like the time when we were in high school and us guys took the girls to a cemetary out in the country in hopes of scaring them right into our arms. Turned out that it was us guys who got the scare.  Something happened that night....but you'll have to wait for the book to find out what it was. 
So what do you think? You in?  It will be a lot of work.  But it will be fun.  Who knows, it could be quite successful.  Because, remember that dumb book I mentioned earlier?  I bought it.  Turns out it's pretty good so far.  Which goes to show....well it goes to show that I'm a sucker for a good title.  But it also shows that anything is possible when it involves a good story.  Everybody loves a good story.