Thursday, November 19, 2015

High and Dry

Yes, I'm a little late with a new entry. But I have a good excuse. The lack of snow and warm temperatures have made it seem more like September than November and I was very busy squeezing every little last bit of outdoor activity into these final days of beautiful weather before winter wakes up and realizes it is way behind schedule. For example, last weekend's 60 degree temperatures allowed me to do something I can't usually do in November - go for a mountain bike ride and enjoy a slow meandering 19 mile drive on the backroads in the Bearlodge area of Wyoming.

Across the highway from the campground is a seldom used Black Hills National Forest trail. I'm surprised more hikers and bikers don't take advantage of it. The views overlooking the steep cliffs are awesome. Also, less than a mile down the trail there is an area where you will find a group of split rocks. The cracks are so smooth it's like someone took a giant axe and sliced the rocks almost evenly right down the middle. 

Nature offers up a lot of interesting shapes along this trail. Some of the old tree stumps have decayed into strange poses.


Having come this way, I found myself near enough to that strange little town of Alva to warrant another look for any proof that humans actually live there. If you've read my past comments you know that I have long suspected that no one really does live there, and the town is just a cover for some secret government underground installation. My evidence is that I can't recall ever seeing any people out and about in the many times I have driven through this "town." This is the scene that once again greeted me on my most recent visit - 

I don't remember that camper being there the last time I drove by, but it could just be a new prop. I did, however, notice something even more strange than usual this time. I pulled in to the Post Office parking lot and noticed a light on in a window. Upon closer examination I could see a popular dish washing product and a wind chime in the window as if it was someone's apartment. This was on a Sunday. So, why is there a light on in the Post Office on a Sunday? And why those other items? Who lives in a Post Office anyway? The mystery deepens.

It was getting late in the afternoon and I certainly did not want to get caught in that place after dark, so I headed back toward home. But wait. There was one more detour. I decided to take the back roads that meandered through the forest past an old favorite location from my younger days... Cook Lake. The campground is closed now due to mudslides and washouts, but I was filled with fun memories of camping there with friends all those years ago. One old road sign is still standing, although it looks like something you would see in one of those 80s horror movies with a title along the lines of "The Skinny Dip Massacre." 

If anybody is planning on making one of those movies I would grant permission to use the photo. Just let me know and I'll provide a high resolution copy. Photo credits would not be required if it's a low budget independent project. But if you get Jennifer Lawrence to star in it, well, then I might insist on at least a mention in those credits that roll at the end. Have your people call my people. Maybe we'll do lunch and work out the details.

Roger O'Dea        11/19/2015